Terlingua Dreams

Terlingua Dreams
Governors Landing Campground - Lake Amistad - Del Rio, Texas

Sunday, December 30, 2012

My MagicJack Plus

Since Santa forgot about me again this year...I decided to get me my own Christmas present, that being a MagicJack Plus.  I already had a regular MagicJack but it did not work too well with my prior ISP and worthless broadband connection.

One good thing about our Road Runner service is that I can now use this device to call my friends back home since we do not have long distance service on our regular landline phone either in Del Rio or in my house in Houston.

With the MagicJack Plus you do not have to have your computer on to make calls. You just plug it to your modem or router and then plug a corded or cordless phone and you have a stand alone telephone to make and receive calls 24/7.

I slept like a baby literally after downing some NyQuil...woke up at 2:30 p.m. but did not actually get out of bed till 2:45 p.m.  Been a long time since I had done that, guess my body needed the shut eye.

There has been a flurry of activity by Walter's corral.  In the past couple of days I have seen his owner swinging a pick ax and clearing some brush. My mother told me he was at it since this morning and it appears he cleared a lot of brush on his side of our fence line.

I also saw him putting hay inside the corral...wonder what gives?  Did Santa grant my first wish but instead of giving him a new owner made this one more compassionate?  Nah...I don't think so either...shucks!

Wanted to welcome John and Ellen to the blog roll.  They have a very nice blog full of beautiful pictures. Check them out at http://connectedtothevinephotography.blogspot.com/

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. Hope you, your Mom, and Walter have a great 2013.

    1. Thank you Dizzy. I wish the same to you and your family.

  2. LOVE your new header,,, and thx for the update on Walter.

    Have a great NEW YEAR!

    1. I knew you would be interested in this hopefully good turn of events in Walter's life.

      Have a great New Year as well TnT.


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