Terlingua Dreams

Terlingua Dreams
CASI Chili Cook-off 2019 - Terlingua, Texas

Sunday, July 3, 2022

Ollie's and Walmart haul

Friday, July 1st I ventured out to Ollie's to take advantage of their once-a-year Customer Appreciation Event where everything in the store is 15% Off

I have had my eye on a Polar Hat with UV reflective technology that is supposed to block 99% of harmful UV rays. With all the yard work I have in my future and the scorching three-digit temperatures I can use all the help I can get. Sells for $7.99 with my discount $6.79.

I picked up the last two Dr. Scholl's orthotics inserts with Shock Guard and extra arch support which are always cheaper here than at HEB or Walmart. They regularly sell for $5.99 today I bought them for $5.09 each.

Dawn dishwashing liquid that sells for $1.25 at Dollar Tree was only .76 cents here. The only disappointment was these Snyder of Berlin chips...they did not taste like garlic or parmesan...talk about "shrinkflation" when I opened them they had more air than chips. Glad I only purchased one.

These Perrier energy drinks caught my eye as I had no idea they made them.

I went with the Caffeine and Yerba Mate Pomegranate flavor as it brought back memories of drinking mate tea in Buenos Aires...yes, even children drank it. Whenever I have to drive out of town or need the energy to do yard work I will drink real coffee though I don't like coffee or rather coffee does not like me...it makes me jittery and nervous. 

I bought the six-pack discounted from $1.99 to $1.69 or .28 cents each...you are never going to find an energy drink for that price.

Headed to Walmart to check out their camping gear since they are usually on sale at this time. I am interested in a good quality ice chest in case we lose power this summer or for camping this fall. I would love one of these but unfortunately, I can't even lift it and it was empty. 😕

72 Quarts for $129.00

While I could lift this Igloo cooler it was still heavy.

72 Quarts for $99.00

This item caught my attention as white straight-leg canopies are more expensive than slant-leg colored ones. This was a great price but it was also heavy and I would require help setting it up so decided to pass. 😢

What I did not plan to purchase were tennis shoes that were selling for $7.00, $9.00, and $12.00  I could not pass on these as it was a good price, and with all the rocks and cacti on the property, I go through them fast.

If you are looking for a small chest freezer they are finally available.

I may go back and purchase this folding table...we will see...

Added more cans to my preps...

This was the going price both at Walmart and HEB for a gallon of unleaded and diesel.

Both Friday, and Saturday we reached 104 degrees. Yesterday (Saturday) we had a repeat event of last week with winds, thunder, and lightning. It rained in the northwest and eastern parts of Val Verde County but the southern tip did not receive a single drop though the cooler temperatures were welcomed.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.

Aunty Acid


  1. A successful shopping & provision trip. Buenos Aires ?- There has to be some mostly fun & interesting stories you want to share Ms Belinda?

    1. It was a successful trip. The best part was I got to save money on items I needed.

      Buenos Aires holds mainly childhood memories of a very happy time in my life. It would have to be told from a child's prespective so it would not be interesting to most.

    2. I understand, hold on to them & cherish them as we all need those good memories to fall back on nowadays.

  2. Those were all good prices. You have to learn to pick up your coolers one end at a time. I used to own a Igloo Cooler that held over a Hundred Pounds of Content. I lifted one end at a time then slid it on a rug inside my old trailer. It had a Two Piece Lid and took Two Padlocks.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the 4th.

    It's about time.

    1. Rick, I have suffered from back pain for at least three decades. The most I can lift are 20 lbs, and that is pushing it. These new highly-insulated, almost undestructible ice chests are not something I can easily lift, even if I did so one end at a time.

      I do not have a trailer or my old camping van, hence it would have to sit on my back seat or trunk, and I need it under my shade structure. Anyway, thank you for your suggestion.

  3. All great prices from Ollies and really great prices on the canned veggies at Walmart. Gas is so cheap there, I checked the other day and it was $4.80. Yoda's twin Kelly has ads saying how he is fighting for lower gas prices while they continue to rise. :(P.
    We seem to have that same dream about getting out camping!!

    1. Gas should have read $4.89

    2. With my poor vision I ended up emailing myself the wrong canned veggies pics. I meant to include a photo of the whole kernel corn, and mix vegetables that were also selling for .58 cents, not two pictures of the regular and the family-size green beans. :-(

      I don't think anyone can bring the price of oil down until Putin dies and whomever takes over brings this senseless war he started to an end.

      How is Kelly doing in the polls there?

    3. Yes, JO, we both seem to have the same dream of going camping, at least you have been able to do so. I am counting down the days until late October...so I can finally make it to Terlingua...it has been three years since the last time I was there!


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