Terlingua Dreams

Terlingua Dreams
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Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Early voting, grocery run to HEB

How time flies...I can not believe it is already July 1st...where did the month go?  For that matter where did half the year go?

It has been very hot lately and there is no relieve insight worst yet the holiday weekend is almost here so I did not want to postpone the errands I needed to run.

Had to do my civic duty so headed to Val Verde County Courthouse to cast my early vote.  Found that early voting is no longer inside the courthouse but on another building in its grounds that once housed the County Jail.

If you did not know any better you might have thought you walked into a hospital. The personnel was in full PPE gear which made me feel much better.  At the time I went in, I was the only voter inside.

The courthouse is caddy corner to HEB #1 (Little HEB) ordinarily, I would have done my shopping there but I had gotten an e-mail saying our prescriptions were ready to be picked up so had to head to Big HEB instead.

Needed some more spinach and other items for my salads.

They had a good price on grape tomatoes.


 Hot dogs...

There were limiting many items.

As reported on San Antonio news media there is once again a run on paper products.

I was surprised there was a limit on ice cream as there has NEVER been an occasion that I have needed to purchase 4 tubs of ice cream in one transaction.

Gasoline prices keep on going up, therefore, I decided it was a good time to fill-up before it goes up even higher.

I apologize for the poor quality. Price was $1.879 a gallon
for unleaded gasoline.

It was an extremely hot and humid day. We had a low of 81, a high of 105 with a heat index of 109 degrees.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.

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  1. Which Election is that for at this time? Glad you got your civic duty finished before it got too hot.
    People just don't get it. This Virus does not cause those kinds of problems.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your AC.

    It's about time.

    1. It was early voting for the July 14th primary runoff that includes federal and state candidates. This election was to take place back in March but delayed due to Coronavirus.

  2. I am glad you were able to vote with no hassle. When I voted in the primary it was a mail in but you could also drop it off, which I did. They were outside at a table.
    I am amazed at your prices for food! Grape tomatoes are about eight dollars here. Avocados are two fifty each. I have three tomatoes plants in my mini farm and one of them is the cherry tomatoes. They look good...so far.
    There are a few more people wearing masks here. Still no mandate.
    I think people know things are getting much worse in Texas and stocking up on paper products to limit visits to stores. I still believe the supply chain will fail as the economic crash is upon us. Better to have tp and towels than not.
    One thing getting worse is people going crazy..more than usual. Especially all the anti-maskers having melt downs.
    Stay safe, my friend.

    1. When I first moved back to Del Rio, I thought their prices were high in comparison to Houston's but then I had Mexico to do my shopping at.

      I have not been to Mexico in a while but I find the prices at HEB to be more than reasonable. I hope your cherry tomatoes keep on doing well so you can get a good harvest.

      Finally, our Ruby Red governor saw the writing on the wall and called for a statewide mask mandate.

      We get our news channels from San Antonio, another city that is not doing well. My best guess is that upon seeing there was a run on paper products, Del Rioans did the same.

      I have been watching all those crazy anti-maskers throwing temper tantrums at stores all over the state...sad!

      Stay safe as well Ms. Penny!

  3. You posted that avocado price on purpose, didn't you. Just to arouse my complete envy!!! Hope you got more than one. Slice one up right now and go yum yum just for me.
    I'm old enough to vote by mail, so got an application about a week ago from the local office and am good to go for the next year. Wish everybody could do that if they wanted to.

    1. Lol, JudithK...actually, I took another picture just for you but it came out blurry and crooked. I know you do curve side pick-up in your city. The parking spaces for such pick-ups usually have few cars here...yesterday they were almost full, that is what I took a picture of.

      After paying only .50 cents for avocados at Walmart, I thought the price at HEB was reasonable but could have been lower. I was hoping to buy several, but most were over-ripe so I only bought three.

      I wish voting by mail was available to everyone who requested it without regard to age, illness, or physical impediments but you know the Republicans in Texas, in particular, Dan Patrick...the old people killer...is totally against that.

  4. These idiots and their toilet paper.

    We had a few low temp days but we are headed back into triple digits but we had some rain come on monsoon! But of course it is now very humid

    1. How lucky for you to have had low temperatures. We have been in the triple digits and will continue to be for next couple of weeks, and our humidity levels are through the roof :-(


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