Terlingua Dreams

Terlingua Dreams
Governors Landing Campground - Lake Amistad - Del Rio, Texas

Monday, July 20, 2020

Recycling Center / Closed Parks / Little HEB

Had to run some errands in town. I was hoping to get an early start but my morning chores took longer than expected. As I headed to town I saw a long line to get into the Val Verde County Community Center for a free food give away.

As I passed big HEB I noticed that gasoline prices were once again on the rise. Regular Unleaded gasoline was selling for $1.979 a gallon... before we know it, it will be over $2.00 a gallon...and I have not been able to take advantage of it.

My steel cans and plastic bottles were growing exponentially and were begging to be taken to the Recycling Center so that is where I headed.

The City of Del Rio Recycling Center is very close to the parks that are along the banks of San Felipe Creek. I drove by some of them and only Moore Park had cars in its parking lot but I did not see any people.

Headed to San Felipe Lions Park where they had barricades set up to keep people from parking and it worked as I did not see a single soul there.

The County Library is close by and it was open today it had some patrons but I bypassed it and went to pick up our mail. When was the last time I was here?  Our P.O. Box was full, glad I stopped by.

Having been by the main HEB and seeing a full parking lot, there was no way I was going to stop there even if it meant that I would miss out on buying my favorite ice cream or my larger size package of spinach for my salads.

Little HEB was the focus of my shopping on this day. While the parking lot was not full a vast majority of the people that shop here walk to the store. This store is small so I had to go around the aisles a couple of times to respect the social distance.

Happy to report that egg prices have once again gone down to even lower prices than pre-COVID.  Before a dozen medium eggs sold for .88 cents and today, they were priced at .77 cents a dozen which made them cheaper than at Dollar Tree.

I was going to take a picture but had left my phone in the car.  What did go up was the price of beer by $2.00 for a 30-pack of Natural Light and it appears that the "beer smugglers" have taken a break or perhaps are buying beer at larger establishments like big HEB and Walmart to then smuggle into Mexico for resale.

I only purchased 23 items mostly bread, serranos, a large bottle of Tabasco, eggs, and canned goods.

We had another triple-digit day. Per KSAT12 we had a high of 103 degrees and were the hot spot in Texas.

Per AccuWeather, the high was 104 degrees.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.

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  1. Gas under $2 a gallon and a Whataburger in town... it sounds inviting! But it's a little warm....

  2. Definitely a changing world.
    Aunty Acid says it right.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. Even when I was growing up, Del Rio was famous as the hot spot of Texas. And then a bit later, famous for having the most powerful radio station ever. Of course that was over the border in Acuna. They said. Glad you are surviving.

    1. I do not recall Del Rio being referred to as a hot spot but you know how bad my CRS is. When I was living in Houston, one TV station would always mention Lajitas, Texas as the hot spot.

      Lajitas for those that are not familiar with Texas is about five miles from CASI Ranch where one of the two Terlingua Chili Cook-offs is held.

    2. Ha. You are younger than I am. I don't remember Lajitas until the 70's....even the cookoff in Terlingua was in the late 60's. See? You're just a spring chicken.

  4. You had a busy morning. I heard Walmart, Kroger(Fry's, Fred Meyers) are going to make maskes mandatory to get into the stores. It that's true I may attempt to go. We topped out at 101 today and we just had some rain and it is very windy.

    1. I sure wish we had all those stores you refer to...we only have Walmart :-(

      I forgot what number we are on, either 23 or 24th of consecutive triple-digit days. You are lucky to have received some rain.

  5. The hackers are at it again I see. What i n the world do they get out of it?

    1. They are hoping to find greedy/gullible people that still believe in Santa Claus and will send them their hard-earned money.

  6. Every shopping trip is an adventure. I had a bad experience at Safeway two days ago and have decided I won't go back there, at all. People just will not social distance. I think many of the rude ones were tourists. I came very close to throwing one of my infamous HISSY FITS. Just so stressful.
    Then I went to Dollar Tree and had to dodge a few people. I was literally exhausted by the time I got home and my nerves were shot. At least I don't think I need anything else for a while.
    I hope you get some relief from the heat soon. Looks like the Gulf is amping up with a storm or two. Of course there will be more disasters and no leadership.

    1. I am sorry you had to go through a bad experience on your last outing. If you had thrown a hissy fit maybe someone would have filmed it and gone viral to add to the "Karen's" of the world and we could have seen you...joke :D

      I know what you mean about being exhausted after this trip I have been going to bed early.

      I do not think there is enough time or real estate for the two storms in the Gulf to become a major hurricane (maybe just one) but we certainly do need the rain.

    2. That is hilarious you should mention the Karen videos. I have been watching waaay more of those lately for some odd reason. I guess it feels good to think I am not as crazy as some of those people? But maybe it is just a matter of time, given the current climate.
      We had a tiny bit of rain today and it felt wonderful. I do think the surrounding valley got a bit of badly needed moisture. Fire season is so scary. I hope you get some good rain and cooler temps.

    3. I apologize I did not see your comment until today. For some reason, Blogger quit sending me notices on when I have a comment perhaps because they want me to embrace their new Blogger template that they rolled out and that I refuse to use.

      Where do you watch the Karen videos? I only get to see them in the news if they happen to go viral but I know you have mentioned that you do not watch TV.

      This morning Hanna brought some much-needed showers but then again it wasn't much to write home about. Perhaps we will get more later in the day?


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