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Terlingua Dreams
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Sunday, April 14, 2019

April 12, 2019 trip to Ciudad Acuña, Coahuila - Part II

I was enjoying just looking around Soriana without being in a rush.  I started to get hungry as I had not eaten breakfast because my intention was to leave Paquito at the vet and come back home.

I had canceled my dental appointment previously because of the uncertainty of a border closing and getting stuck in México if that took place. I really hate going to the dentist but sometimes one does not have much choice.

The dental office I go to is located at the entrance into Ciudad Acuña. Soriana is in the northern part of the city. Hoping to be seen today if someone canceled drove back to the tourist district.

I was not able to land an appointment but I was put on a waiting list in case there was a cancellation next week.

México is mostly a Roman Catholic nation and they religiously observe Easter. Today was the last day of classes for both public as well as private school students. They are off for two weeks.

I had also canceled my appointment for blood work so I needed to know what days they would be open for business next week. To my delight, they will only be closed Thursday and Friday.

I only plan on making one trip in case I land a dental appointment next week. International bridge crossings are always busy during Easter, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas and New Years.  Now add the current situation we are living at this time with agents being temporarily relocated to other border points to deal with the influx of immigrants and I do not want to imagine the border wait times during Easter. However, my health is more important and I can always cross at the Amistad Dam Port of Entry even if it means driving miles out of my way.

By now I was starving to death so decided to drive back to the north part of town where all the big grocery stores are located. Bodegas Aurrera (owned by Walmart) is located in the only mall in Ciudad Acuña...Plaza Bella...so decided to head to their food court.

Decided to try Taco City's tacos al pastor. They were not what I expected but ate it anyway as I was famished by now. Actually, the only palatable thing was their hot sauce.

I had to wash away the horrible taste of the tacos so wandered down the mall to an ice cream stand and bought me an ice cream cone. Now that tasted good!

By now it was past 2:00 p.m. too late to head home as I was going to pick up Paquito at 4:30 p.m. Headed to Bodegas Aurrera to kill some more time. Was surprised there were so many workers stocking shelves at this time of the day. Wondered if this had anything to do with the long lines to cross products between countries.  I can only imagine how bad it would get if the current administration actually closed the border.

When I got to their liquor aisle it was obvious that it was understocked,  I have never heard of Tequila Campo Azul Clásico Reposado but at a price of $102.00 Mexican Pesos divided by an exchange rate of 17.30, it was only $5.90 USD.

Mexican Egg Nog is sold year around and contains liquor. Rompope Coronado at $98.00 Mexican Pesos is equal to $5.66 USD,

Another item that is very affordable in México is make-up.  For the same reason as other beauty products such as shampoo, conditioner, hair dye, face cream, toothpaste, etc. etc. They are manufactured in México.

Pond's make-up products...

Garnier hair products...

To be continued........

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. Always enjoy shopping in Mexico the friendly people and amazing prices. Loved the Tecate when we there in Mexico but expensive here that same 12 pack here costs $27.00 Canadian dollars($20. 28 US Dollars)

    1. I read your reply on your blog that prices in Canada are high for liquor, beer and gasoline due to the fact that you all have free medical care.

      I think I would be able to get on board with that because it is so difficult to be able to afford any kind of medical coverage on your own in the USA. That is why I seek medical attention in Mexico.

      I have friends that only work in order to have medical coverage and can not wait until they are eligible for Medicare so they can quit.

    2. Medical in the US is an industry, we are #1 in costs.
      It's funny when you think about it, the Canadian medical paid with taxes on gas & booze is cheaper than in the US and it covers everyone.

    3. It is a shame that us being the wealthiest nation in the world can not provide health care of all of our citizens and like you mention are #1 in costs.

      The health care industry with their deep packets has bought out our representatives in Washington. Even México covers health care for all its citizens.

  2. I have to say those are truly the saddest tacos al pastor I've ever seen! Are those beans?

    A lot of people these days (including the people who made your sad tacos, apparently) don't know tacos al pastor is a kissing cousin to Arabic shawarma & Greek gyros which in turn are descended from the Turkish doner kebab. The vertical meat roasting spit used to make all these dishes was invented in Turkey in the 19th c. & it spread quickly throughout the Arabian peninsula & Iran & beyond.

    It was a wave of Maronite Catholic immigrants from Lebanon to Mexico in the early 20th c who brought over the dish (and the rotisseries to make them) & they made it a popular street food there by using the more abundant pork instead of the traditional lamb, and readily available tortillas as the wrap instead of pita - although there are places in Mexico (and Texas!) you can get it wrapped with the Mexican version of pita bread but it's called tacos al arabes.

    [One of the wealthiest men in the world Carlos Slim is the son of two of those Maronite Lebanese immigrants to Mexico, btw. The Mexican Lebanese community has been *very* successful there.]

    Over here in your other hometown we have all of these things since we are a city of immigrants from all over the world & some kids grow up eating them all as often as Big Macs: tacos al pastor, kebabs, gyros & shawarma - sometimes across the corner from each other!

    PS) I love your posts about border crossings. Reading them is like taking a little mini-vacation!

    1. Leilani, your are being more than complimentary by calling them "sad tacos". I thought the same thing when I looked at the meat thinking perhaps they had added beans but no, it was cubed pork meat than they probably just popped in the microwave. The tortillas were not properly warmed, in one word it was AWFUL!

      You are the official unpaid Terlingua Dreams research department. I had no idea about the origin of tacos al pastor but now I know and will share my new found knowledge. I am sure my readers appreciate it as well.

      I knew Carlos Slim was of Lebanese descent as well as Salma Hayek but only because they are rich and famous.

      Houston is the perfect example of how people of different backgrounds, religions, nationalities and ethnicities can co-exist and make our hometown even more vibrant.

  3. Part 2 & more to come! Sounds like you had a real full day across the boarder.

    1. More than full it was exhausting and even though it only reached 85 degrees it was hot as well.

      When I got home I sat down on the recliner just to rest for a few minutes and when I opened my eyes again it was 10:30 p.m. I NEVER do that!

      I suppose I could have made one post but who wants to read a long post and be bombarded with picture overload. So I decided to be kind to my readers and break it down in a more manageable fashion.

  4. I just keep looking at those so called tacos and thought she didn't really eat that did she. I know they aren't regular tacos but those just didn't do much to entise me to try them. LOL I don't mind long pictured blogs at all but I'll be waiting for part 3. I like they way you break down the prices for us.
    BTW gas is up to $2.79 here and of course it's hot so the a/c needs to be run.

    1. I was starving JO so I had to eat them, the only saving grace was the cilantro and onion and the hot sauce otherwise they would have gone straight to the trash.

      I figure if I put the US dollar equivalent it would be more enjoyable to the readers than having to do the math themselves. Glad you like it.

      I was suppossed to go fill up yesterday or today in case the Dentist office calls this coming week but I tell you I am still recovering from my trip Friday. I have no idea why I am so tired. Will post gasoline prices tomorrow after I fill up.


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