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Thursday, October 15, 2020

Cool front on the way / Yardwork / Pollito

It was a sunny, warm, and breezy day with a high of 86 degrees today. We are supposed to get a "cool front" tomorrow.  I finally decided to move the limbs that I could break off from the tree that fell a couple of weeks ago and dragged them to the curb.

Yesterday Wednesday was trash day and I needed to pick up all the crap the litterbugs toss out their car windows but Mr. Joe (step-father to the drunk) and his wife have been remodeling their home since last week so I did not want to pass by their house. Instead, I focused on the south side of the fence.

I had already picked up what I needed from the street and had entered the property but not by the front gate but by the area I had cleared a couple of months back when Pollito's sidekick entered and parked his truck. As I was coming into that same area I noticed even more pesky mesquite pods and was picking them up when a truck that I did not recognize stopped. I looked up but I did not know who they were since I was not wearing my glasses and frankly did not care.

A man stopped got off and I wanted to scream when I realized it was Pollito walking up to me without a face mask on...grrrrrrrrrrrr!!!  Why does this freaking man come around to bother me? The gall of him turning off his truck and assuming that I would want to engage in a conversation with him! He wanted to commiserate that there would not be a Chili Cook-off this year as he was planning on attending. Thankfully, he has always attended the "Other Cook-off".

As if I did not have enough reasons to dislike this clown he gave him another one...guess who he is supporting in this election?  It did not take long for him to realize he made a BIG mistake telling me that and he quickly retreated!  I was so happy I was able to give him a piece of my mind and I felt great all day...😁... I am still laughing this evening!

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.

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  1. Darn you might have just gotten rid of your PITA. Wouldn't that be nice.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the cooler temps. We hit the Freeze Mark.

    It's about time.

    1. That would be wonderful though I am not going to get my hopes up as he is very persistent.

      I like cooler temperatures but they warned us it is not going to last long. I suppose you are used to them but freezing temperatures do not sound good to me.

  2. How hilarious you finally got to bail into that creep. Maybe he will think twice before coming back.
    We have had several mornings of freezing temps. Feels great. They are predicting snow this weekend. Since there are still wildfires, some snow would help. Even with the cooler temps, we have Red Flag Warnings everyday. This has been a bad year for wildfires, albeit not as bad as California.
    I am still decluttering and cleaning. The more I clean the more I find that needs deep cleaning and tossing out. Maybe it's just rage about the current political situation.
    Stay safe, my friend.

    1. I saw that it was snowing in some parts of Montana but to be honest, I forgot what part of the state you live in. I am glad you mentioned the wildfires as they are barely covered in the media these days. I rely on blogs I read to find out about them.

      Glad you continue your decluttering and cleaning efforts. I understand the rage with regards to the current political situation. That is why last night I skipped on both political town halls as I knew Rachel would give the highlights of both on her show.

      I will have to say from her demeanor on the Today Show I never knew Savannah Guthrie had it in her to come out and put the Liar-in-Chief in his place by pressing him on his lies and fact-checking him much to his chagrin.

      Stay safe and warm my friend!

    2. I live in Dillon, MT...Beaverhead County. Extreme SW on the border of Idaho and the Continental Divide. We are 60 miles south of Butte. This is where Sacajawea found her brother Cameawaite and saved Lewis and Clark. Also near where the largest gold strike was made (BANNACK) IN 1862.

    3. Thanks, now I have a reference point.

  3. Good for you letting that jerk have it. I bet you won't be bothered by him anymore. Why do people have to let everyone know they are voting for that jackass. Well I guess they're choice says it all.

    Sure wish we had your cool weather and cold front coming this way.

    1. Now I understand a lot of things about this jerk from coming to knock on my door intent on giving me his card when we were in the middle of a lockdown and his habit of never wearing a mask. Even his Wino Sidekick wore one "wrongly" but at least he had one on, unlike his jackass loving boss.

      Our "cool front" only lowered the temperature to 81 degrees but they are on the way up again. I hope your area soon experiences a cold front as well, BTW how are the wildfires in your state?

    2. It is in a remote area and they have named it the Horse FireSeems there is a house on fire in the town of Crown King, from what I can tell this fire is 18miles from Prescott. We have had no rain this summer making this really fire ready grounds. Seems the more I am looking for information the more fires there seems to be.

    3. Thanks, JO. I sincerely hope the wildfires are put out soon. Today they finally had something on TV but they focused on the ones in Colorado.


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