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Saturday, October 31, 2020

My day did not go as planned / My CRS is getting worse

Woke up at 4:47 a.m. and as much as I wanted to could not go back to sleep.  Gave up around 5:30 a.m. and decided to start my day. Took a shower, got my morning chores out of the way, my plan was to go stock up on a few more items as soon as the sun rose which per AccuWeather would be at 7:57 a.m.

I was on my way to town at 8:00 a.m. as soon as I turned onto the road a rattling noise was coming from what seemed to be the motor. Figured maybe the car was just cold so went one block and it got louder so I pulled over and sure enough I had a flat tire on the front driver's side of the vehicle. I turned around and came back home to call my wonderful Triple-A that I have not had to use in a long time.

As I looked for my card to call them the expiration date made me smile...it expires today October 31st at 11:59 p.m. which is good timing...as this call will not affect my new membership period that starts tomorrow.

After calling them went to take down all the stuff I have in my trunk so they could easily access my spare tire. The Triple-A (American Automobile Association) guy showed up on time but he had no intention of changing the tire instead he aired it up and asked me where I was going to get it fixed.  I told him and he said he would follow me to make sure I got there safely. I actually prefer this method rather than having to ride on the spare and then having my own tire dirtying up the trunk.

Prior to the guy arriving I went into a panic because I seldom if ever have cash on me more so with this pandemic I do not want infected bills or change of any kind as I always pay with a credit card. The problem is this small family business only takes cash. I was rummaging through things until I finally found my emergency $20 bill.

The good thing about a small town is that while I doubt they know my name they know our cars and where we live so I could have come back later to pay them if I needed to. We have been doing business with them for a long time and the dad was making fun of me because I had a surgical mask, with a cloth mask on top of it and my face shield for extra measure. He would have really had a good laugh if I had also been wearing my surgical gloves.

The dad waved me to the car and showed me my expired license sticker on my windshield. I was incredulous as I vividly remember standing in line back in July to purchase my new license sticker and then installing it? Did they give me a 7/20 sticker by mistake?  Will tackle that mystery later. The charge for fixing my flat tire was $5.00 which was well worth the price.

Went to the post office then headed to HEB but by now the parking lot was full so instead headed to the bank to withdraw some money that I asked the clerk to put in an envelope as I did not want to touch it and will keep it around for another emergency this time in a place I can actually remember.

Decided to drive by Walmart to see how full their parking lot was and in comparison to HEB it was not too bad. This time I found a strong young associate to place two 40-packs of water in my cart. Bought a three-pack of lettuce, jalapeños (oddly they did not have serranos), and some hard as rock avocados but not wanting to upset JudithK or Penelope I will not divulge the price :-)

As I was standing in a long line to check out it suddenly hit me...I did not have my boxes with me...how was I going to get the water in the car when I usually tear it apart and place them one by one in said boxes?  I swear my CRS gets worse by the day!

Mustering all the strength I could, I managed to get the water in the back seat and that is where they are going to stay for now. Wanted to make another observation...it appears that more than a few people are planning to have a Halloween party. The phone of the lady in front of me kept on ringing and she kept on going back to pick up more stuff or sent her husband to get it for her. Good luck with our COVID-19 numbers fifteen days from now!

While I did not need to gas up noticed the price had gone down to $2.659 for a gallon of unleaded gasoline.  Hope you all have a safe Halloween.

Good night. May you all have Terlingua Dreams.

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  1. It is a good thing you were able to get help with your flat so quickly. Also good they pointed out your sticker problem before some unsympathetic police officer stopped you.
    I always try to have a bit of emergency cash. You just never know when it will come in handy. There have been many times in the past few months where stores are unable to process debit or credit cards due to the many internet outages we have and cash is accepted. I also keeps ten dollars in quarters in my truck.
    I never let my gas drop below 3/4 full now. Actually, I have my truck loaded with gear, water, food, a few basic tools. A single woman should be twice as prepared as a married couple.
    I have been keeping up with Rachel Maddow. And I totally approve of Jon Tester and Steve Bullock. Daines and Gianforte are hideous tRump supporters who will hopefully be weeded out soon.
    Covid is completely out of control here now. Very few mask wearers. I am just doing my best to avoid any trips to the store or elsewhere.
    I hope you have a safe Halloween and get no trouble from your neighbors or Pollitico sneaking up on you. Enjoy those avocados and stay safe, my friend.
    P.S. Still no news about Barr except for oblique references to him. I think he is sick. Maybe just more wishful thinking on my part. Lol

    1. I do not know what I would do without my AAA membership it is worth every penny for the peace of mind it brings to know that I will not end up stranded in the middle of nowhere.

      When I lived in Houston and had my van I always had it fully stocked just in case I needed to bug out and clearly that would mean coming to Del Rio. Now not so much as where would we go? We would have to stay here, shelter in place, and hope for the best.

      You guys have a lot of Internet outages and we have Power outages neither one being good. It was the opposite here when I was stuck after a power outage at Walmart they were processing cards but not taking cash.

      I like that Rachel Maddow tackles topics that are not addressed in other cable channels and in the process manages to educate the viewer.

      There have not been many trick or treaters in normal Halloweens as the streets are poorly lit and people prefer to take their children to Del Rio. My gate is padlocked and there is no way I would answer the door after dark.

      It probably will be a few days before I can eat the avocados. There is definitively something going on with Barr or perhaps like yourself wishful thinking on my part.

      Enjoy your Halloween and stay safe as well.

      P.S. Can you believe for the second time Trump supporters were left out in the cold waiting on buses...is that how you treat people you want to vote for you?

  2. Pee Ess...I saw where Ted Cruz came up here to campaign for Daines and Gianforte. How low do you have to sink to want Ted Cruz anywhere near your campaign?

    1. OMG!!! Ted Cruz campaigning in Montana for his fellow Republicans...jajajaja...sounds like desperation to me!

  3. We all have days where everything goes wrong.
    Kathy would rather throw the Trumpkin out now.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the election.

    It's about time.

    1. It wasn't the best of days but then again it wasn't the worse one either. Kathy is in good company millions of us want to throw him out now that is why we are voting in record numbers.

  4. I have lots of CRS days I blame it on being home all the time and have nothing important to think about.... well its and excuse right?

    1. We all have our CRS moments but I outdid myself today. You are right at least you have an excuse :)

  5. ready to vote Tuesday, now worried after reading about the Bidens connection with China, the videos of Hunter and sex tapes - ye gads and the Bobulinski expose. He worked with Hunter. Fox News also interviewed. Found so much on Yahoo news and elsewhere on the net. Just think I won't vote at all

    1. Caddie, even our National Intelligence Agencies discredit the Hunter Biden connection and the computer that conveniently ended up in the hands of some Trump supporter PC repairman that he later gave to Rudy Giuliani and the FBI.

      It is all a lie made up and fed to Rudy Giuliani by the Russians. Trump was warned Giuliani was being used as an agent to bring that information back to him. Trump does not care if it true or made up as long as it benefits his campaign.

      Trump even got mad at Fox News for not making a bigger story out of it. During Trump's November 2019 Impeachment Hearings, Fiona Hill who is a former official at the U.S. National Security Council specializing in Russian and European affairs and has a PhD in history from Harvard University, strongly reprimanded the Republicans for using the same lines that the Russian propaganda machine was generating.

      Giuliani's adult daughter gave an interview recently endorsing Joe Biden for President. What does that tell you? Even she does not believe her father.

    2. I just looked at Carrie's blog and now feel like I should wash my eyes out with soap. How on earth you can repeat lies..just out and out LIES..just makes me sick. Do some fact checking.

  6. Replies
    1. It has been a while since I last read Caddie's blog and I am in complete and utter shock at her writings.

      I can not believe she has been indoctrinated into this cult. I do not believe for a minute that she won't vote for the current occupant of the WH.

  7. OK. I won't ask you about the hard avocados. Mostly because I've never had good luck with them softening up. Maybe I am not patient enough??? Could that be?? I'm so old. If I haven't learned patience by now, when will I? Well, I'll just have to be patient til Wednesday to see how things might turn out in the this country. Hang in there.

    1. I do not mind that they are hard because I usually purchase several and place most of them in the refrigerator so they will not all ripen at the same time. I left two out yesterday and was surprised that one of them is already soft enough to eat.

      JudithK you are not old! Per several networks, we might have to wait longer than Wednesday to know the outcome of these elections.

    2. Dear dear dreamer of Terlingua dreams, yes I am old. 75 is old. Wait til you're my age and see that many obituaries are written in honor of people much younger. It used to be the reverse. So I'm a lucky duck. So far.
      OK. Now for the serious stuff. If I buy an avocado that is hard as a rock, it will ripen and be edible? I'm not kidding about this.


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