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Sunday, October 18, 2020

Early morning power outage / Breakfast Tacos / Walmart

Saturday morning was nice and cool so I took out my new pruning shears and cut as many branches as I could from the trees and shrubs.  Not so much because I wanted to but because I was looking for Katie who as of this evening has been missing for three days.  I will cover that topic in my other blog.

Later that evening my arms were hurting so much I took two aspirins and turned on the 10:00 o'clock news but fell asleep shortly afterward. I woke up at 1:30 a.m., 2:30 a.m., and 3:30 a.m. but was able to go back to sleep. The only reason I knew what time it was, was due to the fact that I could see the time on the cable box.

The next time I woke up I had no idea what time it was because the house was dark except for my solar lights that we use as night lights on the hall and the bathroom.  I fell asleep on the living room recliner and since it is electric I had a hell of a time getting out of it...note to self...change the back-up batteries!

Headed to my bedroom to find my wristwatch but when I was not able to do so I remembered the cellphone that I never use.  It said it was 6:10 a.m. so I opened the front door and sure enough all the street lights including ours were out.

I was irate, so why did the power go out this morning?  No one in their right mind would have had their A/C on if anything they would have had their windows open much like we did.  It is Sunday so people were not at work.  I could not go back to sleep, with no power I could not go online so I sat in the dark until the electricity came back on at 7:19 a.m.  I still have no idea what to attribute this to as our lowly newspaper did not address this.

Went to Stripes to buy some tacos for breakfast...they were good!  I then headed to Harbor Freight to use my 30 percent off coupon that expired today. While I still have plastic disposable gloves I figured with said coupon it would be a bargain. However, I was told that it had to be an item under $10.00 which it was according to the shelf price but not the price at the register, so I walked out without buying anything.

Walmart is next door and with only a few cars in the parking lot decided to make a stop.  Saw this nice looking muscle car with Oklahoma license plates.

Made a beeline for the produce aisle where I bought some spinach, tomatoes, and avocados. Once again went to check out the clearance aisle and was surprised to find ladies swimsuits selling for $1.00.

In many of the blogs, I read bloggers have said that they have been unable to find small chest freezers. They had these on sale today.

Gasoline is once again on the rise.  Walmart had the cheapest price at $1.859 for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline. When I passed by there they were several RVs filling up.

Our "cool front" lasted all of one day.  Today we topped out at 95 degrees.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.

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  1. Not good any time we lose power.
    Glad you were able to get most of your errands done.
    Nice looking Mustang.
    Lots of GOP members that are Brainwashed.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. We have more than our fair share of power outages the good thing was that it was Sunday and most normal people were asleep at that time.

      You are not kidding I am amazed at the things the GOP members say to the journalists who interview them at rallies. It is as though they were in a cult and have been drinking the kool-aid. It just boggles my mind that they would not try to fact check for themselves and see through all the lies.

  2. I appreciate your not telling avocado prices. Meanwhile, does your power company not have an online site? Not very useful of course if the power is out. But maybe they would at least try to explain what on earth the problem is. Oncor delivers power here, no matter who you're buying it from, so the distriution problem is always in their lap. Anyway, we've cooled of a lot today, but not for long. And as it is the 19th, maybe you have too. Hope so!

    1. CPL is mom's power company but it is serviced by AEP or something like that and they are who you have to call to report outages. I never call them I let the neighbors do that.

      The cold front that was experienced in the northern part of the state did not make it down to us. Our high today was 93 degrees while I think Amarillo was in the mid-'40s this morning.

  3. Those power outages have to be so frustrating. It's a good thing you have backup solar lights.
    There is a lot of internet chatter about a worldwide power outage hitting around the election. I wouldn't be surprised. I have a generator, wind up radio/flashlight, solar lanterns, oil lanterns with oil to spare, more flashlights, candles, matches and spare lighters. I also have push lights.
    I love that mustang. Bet he gets plenty of tickets. Lol
    I do hope Katie has shown up. Cats can worry you to death when they go walkabout.
    Your gas prices are much better than ours. And I wish we had a good place to get breakfast tacos. I make a pretty good taco but it's not like the yummy ones I remember from South Texas.
    Things are getting crazier by the day. I am as prepared as I know how to be and hope you are as well.

    1. I was writing my reply to your comment when the power again went out but this time for about 45 seconds but it takes like five minutes to power up the modem and the cable box. So in answer to your question...Yes, it is extremely frustrating to have to endure this all the time!

      I think it is going to get pretty ugly after the election because you know the Liar-in-Chief is never going to concede that he lost the election. Then his crazy domestic terrorists and militia followers will sow lawlessness and wreak havoc in the streets across the nation. I fear for the safety of Joe Biden as well as Kamala Harris which is why I was glad when Beto and Julián got out of the presidential race.

      I also think there might be attacks on our power grid as well as our water supply. I am as ready as I can possibly be but hoping for the best turn out for our country.

  4. That is a pretty good price on the freezer. My little is doing a good job but I should have gone larger. OH well live and learn and I at least have more space.

    All those power outages must drive you crazy.

    There are so many fires around again the smoke is really bad.
    I love Auntie Acid!

    1. One of my friends had a hard time scoring a freezer at the start of the pandemic in Houston where they have so many stores but they were selling like hotcakes.

      She finally settled on a large freezer but then again she has a husband, and two teenage sons to feed.

      I told her about you and all the problems you were also having purchasing one even though you live in a large city as well. For someone like yourself that cooks often even a small freezer beats the one in a regular refrigerator.

      I am so sorry to hear that the fires in your state have started up again. I hope you all get some rain soon.


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