Terlingua Dreams

Terlingua Dreams
Governors Landing Campground - Lake Amistad - Del Rio, Texas

Friday, March 27, 2020

Day 13 / More Covid-19 cases / Spectrum

Once again I had to go to El Zócalo newspaper for information versus our local newspaper.  Please DO NOT tell me as my cousin did to open a Facebook account...that is not going to happen!

Per El Zócalo there have been 26 tests administered of which they have received results for 19 of them. Of those three came back positive and they are still awaiting the results of the others to arrive from San Antonio.

I know the report is in Spanish but I could not find any in English. They make mention that one of those cases did not involve outside travel but was locally acquired which really scared me!!!

This afternoon I was washing dishes when I saw a Spectrum truck fly by to the northern part of the property followed by another truck that then did a U-turn and came to a stop by the utility pole. What were they thinking?

I was FURIOUS!  I have a big sign on the front door telling people I am self-isolating so I can not come to the front door but if they need me to call and I give out our phone numberI had to do this after Pollito's unwelcome visit.

I have FOUR cats that take naps wherever they feel like it...they could have run over them!  I grabbed my mask put on my shoes and ran outside to look for them. One of the guys came up to me keeping his distance and asked who I was looking for as I was frantically calling out for each of them.  I told him MY CATS you all drove in very fast and they sleep everywhere.

He apologized but said that before they came in they walked over the terrain to make sure their vehicles could clear the area and he did not see any cats. He told me they were getting ready to run new cable between Mom's house and the next utility pole.

I went to the southern part of the property to look for them but could not find them. At least I did not see any run over bodies. I was headed to the front door when Katie spotted me...the cat that after over a year is still afraid of me...I think she was actually glad to see me.  I cracked the door open so she could come in as I set out some food so she could eat and I could keep her safe while they were here.

Though I am grateful their heavy trucks ran over more branches and weeds I was left with ruts...so be it...free yard work!

Today we had a low of 61 and a high of 90 degrees.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.

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  1. I'm glad no cats were harmed in the posting of this blog! I have those same big ruts in my back yard left by the cement truck. I'm really hoping the grass springs back to life. We had a brief but thunderous storm this morning, so perhaps that watering will perk things up.

    1. I too am glad they were not harmed! At least you have actual grass Dave we only have weeds and mesquite trees :-(

  2. Howdy MsB, here is the English translation of the article for the link that you posted for those that want to read it.

    I use Google Chrome as my web browser so it gives me the option of reading it in Spanish or English. This is how they translated that article.

    Del Río, Tx.- Texas Health Authorities and the Val Verde County Judge confirmed the first case of community contagion and the third positive registered on this border.

    It was Judge Lewis Owen who gave the report and pointed out that this case does not have a travel history so it is considered that it was spread locally.

    In Val Verde, 26 exams have been carried out, of which 19 have already been submitted with three positive results and the rest are pending from San Antonio.

    All patients are under isolation and attention from the authorities with daily and permanent monitoring.

    Authorities urged the population to stay home to prevent the spread of the disease and the collapse of the health system.

    A greater proportion of seniors live in South Texas and this is a high-risk group.

    1. Thank you Flyingdj I had no idea Google Chrome had that option. It is actually a very good translation my prior experience has been with Blogger when I was trying to translate a German blog to English and it did not do a good job.

      My cousin and uncle read my blog and sometimes the translation from English to Spanish leaves a lot to be desired.

  3. On my phone I use The Weather Channel app, they have added a "COVID-19" button at the bottom that tells me the status of the virus in the county I'm in (it uses my location). Mason Co WA, 2 confirmed cases, 0 deaths and it gives the WA state numbers (3218/147).

    1. I can not add apps to my phone as it is already full and I barely have any that I actually use but that came with the phone so I can not get rid of them.

      However, in my computer just checked the Weather Channel and saw how many cases there are in Del Rio. Thanks.

  4. To answer Aunty acid, today.. No, sorry 2020 is just getting started but it's not boring!

    1. I think a large chunck of 2020 has already been canceled. No professional sports, no high school or college graduations, proms, weddings, you can not even attend a funeral.

  5. I wonder what those Spectrum guys are really up to? Just strikes me as odd. Maybe a camera or two? Of course, I see conspiracy around every corner, where it usually hides. I do know there are worries about the border being rushed in the coming weeks. Could be they were actually relplacing cable, even though this generally doesn't require two guys. Anyway, good news about the free yard work. Do you post No Trespassing signs?
    I am glad your cats were okay. Just seems odd they would be driving like that on private property and he was already replacing the same cable last week. I am a suspicious person!
    The new 'guidelines' are 15'. So I am choosing to double that. My friends in Louisiana are just terrified because it is completely out of control there with no end in sight. I was laughed at when I suggested some should not be celebrating Mardi Gras, which they do all over the state. One of the Djs on my show worked at Fred's two weeks ago. Packed in like Sardines. There are still some people saying it is a hoax.
    Hope you were able to get to the post office. Stay safe, my friend.

    1. On tonight's post I address some of these questions. I made my post first before reading comments as I was 10 minutes short of the date change. I am only able to go online late at night.

      The Irish guy was up in the pole for a while and told me that due to the damaged cable from the fire they were going to have to run new cable to our pole. When the new guys came they were towing a yellow trailer with said cable.

      We do not have No Trespassing signs. Only stray dogs, cats, possums, raccoons, horses and Pollito trespass :D

      Had not heard about the border being rushed. On the contrary the number of undocumented persons has gone down for fear of being infected by the CoronaVirus. Ciudad Acuña has yet to report a single case and we are already on number four though I am sure there are many more.

      My friends, their significant other, and their families do not seem to care about the stay at home order for Harris County. They go out everyday and carry on their normal routines.

      What is happening in Louisiana is terrible so many sick but I think that is the fault of their local leaders who did not want to lose out on the financial windfall that is Mardi Gras.

      Have not made it to the post office yet. Stay safe as well Ms.Penny.

  6. Just because you said they could use your yard I'm sure you didn't tell them it was race track. Glad all the kitties are safe.

    1. I just do not undertand why they were driving so fast. Perhaps they thought I was not home?

      If they had run over my babies there would have been hell to pay!


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