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Terlingua Dreams
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Friday, March 13, 2020

Is it time to hunker down?

Is it time to hunker down?  I am glad I listened to those who tried to give us an early warning of what was to come and that I paid attention. 

Though like I have mentioned before I credit my preparedness to my years of living in Houston, Texas and having to stock up for Hurricane season.  I was going over my December 2019 receipts that I have yet to record on my manual spreadsheets and found that I had purchased four bottles of 128 oz bleach at Dollar Tree since they shrunk their size a while back to I believe 94 or 96 oz.  The following day I went back and bought an additional three. Earlier this month I ran into the bigger bottle and once again bought a couple more so I am good as far as sanitizing items.

On the news today they showed how Californians tired of empty shelves went to Tijuana, Mexico and cleaned out the aisles of Mexican stores....jajajajaja...I do not know why but I find this hilarious :D

Yesterday I learned something new from JO's blog "Mom's Little Run Away" http://momslittlerunaway.blogspot.com/2020/03/stocking-up.html

I had no idea you could keep rice and beans in glass containers...before you judge me...bear in mind that I barely cook.  The culinary fairy skipped a generation when I was born.  Another blogger commented that if you add one or two dried bay leaves it would keep bugs away.  Who knew?  Thanks for the tip!

Need a couple more items but I will wait until next week when the kids return to school from their Spring Break provided the school district does not decide to close the schools.

I was elated to hear that Fiesta in San Antonio was not canceled but re-scheduled to November 2020.

Today was a cloudy day with a low of 68 and a high of 77 degrees. Hope all my readers are doing well and are well stocked to confront this terrible pandemic.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.

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  1. It is ridiculous how people are hoarding in preparation of a disaster to the point that others cannot even function with day to day existence.
    It was bad before but now that a few people (One a Doctor) in our area have tested positive there are line ups out the doors. I see more bacteria being spread.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the solitude.

    It's about time.

    1. I don't consider myself a hoarder at all. But all my life I have tried to be prepared for any situation, and that includes having extra food and supplies on hand. Growing up in the east and living there most my life, I know what a bad winter can do to your supplies, and if you don't plan ahead then you will be sorry in the long-run. I've been hearing about shortages for months. Why have some people thought they could wait until the last possible minute and then complain because the store shelves are empty? I haven't needed to empty anything from the stores because I planned ahead.

    2. Rick the hoarding is getting ridiculous and I blame some stores for it though in Del Rio at least HEB and Walmart have set limits but some videos from other states show people with carts piled high with water, toilet paper, and paper towels with no concern that there are others also in need of the same supplies.

      Sorry to hear that your area now has confirmed cases, it is only a matter of time before the virus reaches all of our towns.

    3. Gypsy, I too do not consider myself a hoarder but if I find an item that I buy frequently at a good price I buy extra. Since I do not know how to cook I always have canned goods of one type or another on hand.

      When I lived in Houston I loved shopping at Target because they always had great prices on toilet paper, paper towels, etc. and I always bought extra so I could share with my parents.

      I do not have a clue as to why people decided to wait until the last minute to stock up. We were forewarned but some decided it was "a hoax". I certainly do not feel sorry for them.

  2. Your title posed a question, the answer for us is 'yes'.
    We are in a good spot to sit, we are still helping out with the kids and seeing as they are closing school here in WA state for 6 weeks we may have even more duties. We have enough food for a few weeks, we'll need more TP but that's still being made so it will show up on the shelves.
    Hunkering down just means limiting contact with fresh people to avoid helping the virus spread. With school canceled it ought to be easier because all us parent know what happens when the kids go back to school... everyone in the house gets whatever common cold is going around.
    Trips to the store will be limited by hunkering down, so will meals out, movies and all those little things that bring you into contact with other humans.
    As a plus being retired and a professional tourist, hunkering down when everything a tourist goes to see is closed is not a bad thing :-)
    I'm just glad I wasn't in Europe or Washington DC right now!
    It's a matter now of keeping your hands clean, not touching your face (that is a HARD habit to break!) and being aware (& lucky).

    Hang in there MsBelinda!

    1. I consider hunkering down not leaving your house for anything except an emergency. I do not know if I can do that yet. I have to go into town to pick up the mail, prescriptions, doctor's appointments though I am seriously considering canceling those.

      I am a bit of a germophobe so I am always washing my hands. Thank goodness I hate cellphones and only turn mine on when I want to take a picture.

      My best to you and your wife as you will be busy helping with the grandkids in the coming weeks.

  3. I did not research this but it looks like this statement covers all H-E-B stores:

    To better serve our customers and increase product availability, all H-E-B stores and Central Market will close tonight at 8 p.m. Beginning Sunday, March 15, all stores will open at 8 a.m. and close at 8 p.m. until further notice. This also includes Joe V’s and Mi Tienda locations.

    1. I heard this on the five o'clock news. Then on another network they mentioned that Walmart would also be cutting back on its hours.

  4. I hit the Nieghborhood Grocery Store this morning as I forgot to get dog food. I was lucky to grab the last 2 small bags so I know have 3 that should hold him. Also bought a large bag of frozen veggies as the fresh which I prefer just don't last long enough for this mess to clear up, picked up a large bag of chicken and a cheap cut of chuck roast that will be great cooked in the crock pot. I sure had to stuff things in the freezer. Of course there wasn't any tp so I just bought more Kleenex it's the same thing but not much of that left on the shelf but I'm good as I remembered I have some in the shed and the camper. Out side a a dental apt on Monday I will just stay home now.

    1. I still need to pick up some food for the cats though they have enough to hold them for about a month. If Paquito did not eat the equivalent of what the other three eat then it would last me longer. Also, need to pick-up some air filters as your blog reminded me.

  5. It is good you were able to get what you needed. I have been watching some videos where there were some long lines and empty shelves at many stores. I have been putting aside a little extra every time I went shopping so that when I knew this virus was the real deal, I was able to fill in my gaps. I have only left my cabin twice since the first and have been self isolating since the fifth.
    All these folks squealing about shortages now just crack me up. There was plenty of time and warnings to prepare. And it would be horribly expensive and tricky to try and do it all at once in a frantic bunch of last minute crazy people. I think I can do okay for six months or so and still help a few people.
    You can't isolate and then go back out! This virus lives on surfaces and in the air. So one person goes to the store and brings it back for everyone. Even with a delivery, you would have to wait 9 days to bring it inside.
    When tRump declared an emergency, he opened the gate to suspend the constitution and declare martial law. I am gobsmacked at how few are grasping that. I would think many would see the military have been deployed and realize they will have a lockdown by Monday or Tuesday. Even here in the back of beyond Montana.
    We had more snow today. Oh the joy :(. Keep safe my friend.

    1. It feels good to get what you need without waiting in long lines with crazy people. I remember you mentioning how you were putting a little aside every time you went shopping. Hey, they knew it was coming but chose not to heed the warning.

      While they say there are no Coronavirus cases in Del Rio I think it is already here. Without having tests available for the average Jane and Joe to take who knows how many thousands of people nationwide are infected.

      I too am surprised that cable news and print outlets have for the most part been numb about what a National Emergency Declaration entails and with this lunatic he could even postpone the Presidential Elections in November. I suppose the media does not want to freak us out more than we already are.

      Gee...more snow? I do not know how a Texas gal can put up with all that white stuff but right now you are most definitively in the best place to ride out this pandemic. Be safe as well!


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