Terlingua Dreams

Terlingua Dreams
Governors Landing Campground - Lake Amistad - Del Rio, Texas

Monday, March 23, 2020

Day 9 / That Darn Man!

This morning did not start out well. It was cool and drizzly and Paquito decided to serenade me by my window and did not shut up until I got up to feed him. I now have to bring the cats in through the front door to keep Elvis (the stray black cat) from eating their food...I feed him separately.

When I opened the door Paquito, and Nico rushed in. Katie after more than a year is still afraid of me so I have to leave the door open and go back inside or she won't come in. I then went out of the kitchen door to feed Elvis. For some reason, he decided to come around the front and seeing the door open came in only to have me run him off as I do not want him near the boys. You will have to read my other blog and see his picture to understand why.

The boys left a track of wet and dirty paws so I had to mop them and with Elvis having come in I also had to disinfect the tile. I overdid the Lysol so I left the door open to air it out. I had to stand guard in case he tried to come back in when a white truck comes to a stop next to the gate. That darn man rolled down the window...he was about to get off...when his phone rings so he stays inside but we had already seen each other.

In case you are wondering who that darn man is...you got it...Pollito!  I closed the door furious that he had stopped and went looking for his card so I could call him to let him know I was on Day 9 of self-isolation. I could not find it and/or my plastic gloves so just grabbed my mask and cracked the door open.  He had already let himself in, I suppose through the gate because he was all decked out and was not going to walk through the down fence of the adjacent lot. The first thing I told him was that I was in self-isolation...he looked surprised.

I asked him what he needed and he said he noticed that the baby mesquites had grown in just a week and it would be better to cut them now before they got bigger as well as the three large mesquite trees. I called him back in July 2019 when he came for 10 or 15 minutes and said he would come back the next day and now March 2020...8 months later he comes back to want to finish the job?

I told him that with the economy tanking I was not going to buy the shed I intended so I no longer had a  need to clear that lot. He also knows that I hate to have any yard work done when the ground is wet and in this case saturated by the recent rains. He insisted and I told him I just plain did not have the money to which he said he could clear it and I could pay him later. I thanked him but told him that was not the way I did business. He looked disappointed and told me to give him a call whenever I needed and took out his card. I told him I had his number he walked toward the door and I put my hand out to tell him to stop we needed to keep our distance so he tried to put the card on one of the columns but it fell off so he got it off the ground and gave it to me anyway....grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

I closed the door and sprayed the hell out of it with my disinfectant and left it on the floor as I ran in and washed my hands very thoroughly. Why the heck can't people leave me alone? He ruined my day!

We had a low of 64 and a high of 82 degrees.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.

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  1. He falls into that group of non-believers that the entire thing is just a hoax. What will he think if he were to contract the virus?
    Be Safe and Enjoy your seclusion.

    It's about time.

    1. I would say a good part of the people here are not worried about the disease but rather upset that there is a shortage of food items, paper products and that the kids are not going to school.

  2. I had a feeling that skunk would show up. He was not looking for work, he was testing the water. But a good reminder to keep protective gear and your pea shooter handy. I have bear spray to guard against pesky critters and idiots.
    You better get to the post office if you are going. I see where many counties are locking down one at a time and you can bet you will be on that list, being on the border.
    It is just hard to believe what is coming out of tRump's pie hole. My theory is that his finances can't ride out a two month shutdown, let alone three or four months. His financing is out of country and it will be fun to watch them call his notes. Broke tRump, thrown on the mercy (wrath) of angry hordes is the dream that keeps me happy. And Birch McConnel with him.
    I am glad you have your cats to care for. I miss my cat so much.
    My neighbor works for Safeway and told me ( yelling across the yard) that the store is only receiving less than half of what it orders and the shelves are stripped clean in less than an hour by panicked people. Getting worse by the day. She had scored one pkg of toilet paper and asked if I needed any, she was happy to share. I was touched. I did not say how much I have, though. Really think she thinks this is just a two week problem. A lot of people here think the same way. I have stopped trying to change their minds.
    I found a forgotten box of food and tp in my camper yesterday. Like finding buried gold. My stash looks a whole lot better now and I relaxed a bit. Stay safe, my friend.

    1. That man does not need the money, he has plenty. His son lives down the road (he gave him the house) so he passes by here several times a day as that is where they keep their equipment.

      The last time I spoke to him I was picking up trash along the fence line and he stopped and asked when I was going to call him to clear that lot...I told him "I have been waiting for you since July"...he just laughed it off which made my blood boil.

      He was clean, all dressed up wearing his cowboy boots and hat so I have no idea what his intentions were but I now have a sign on the front door letting people know I am in self-isolation.

      Gypsy once told me that McConnel hates to be called Moscow Mitch so that is what I have been calling him since. He was trying to pull a fast one with that bill written by his lobbyist friends glad Nancy put a stop to that!

      I know she is a long shot but Amy McGrath is running against him and I plan to contribute to her campaign at Amy McGrath.com

      You have a good neighbor not everyone is willing to share the hottest item around. Good score it is indeed like finding buried gold.


  4. If you had set up a date for them to do your yard you know they wouldn't show up anyway. I would have slamed the door in his face right off.
    Love Auntie Acid.

    1. I have to be civil to him because I do not want any reprisals since he knows we live by ourselves.

  5. I have to laugh because I'm sitting here all sad and mad because I haven't spoken to one person today. At least you could exercise your vocal cords. I do talk to the dog but I'm so mad at him right now I'm ignoring him. He misses having visitors and being around people once in a while, and I am in such a bad mood I don't want him around me. Will this ever end well?

    1. More than talking to the cats it is more like yelling at them...they are like little kids but I love them dearly.

      You should have seen me this afternoon trying to outrun them...like I had a chance...but I outsmarted them and since Paquito only has one eye as well as Elvis I hid behind a tree!

      I will have to go to your blog to find out what Rocky did to upset you. Yes, this will end though I do not know if it will be well.

      Have you tried to Skype or Facetime with your family?


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